Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wham - You've been hit by 80's Retro Homoerotica

Before George Michael became openly gay he liked to project it a lot on his album covers while retaining an aura of mystique about the whole affair. 'Gay? I'm not even Happy!' he is reported to have said on one occasion. Still, it can hardly be said that homoeroticism is the worst thing that the music industry has inflicted upon vulnerable and confused teenagers.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

If Politics was Gay - which it is

New Benetton Ad campaign raises interesting question. Would the world be a better, safer, more tolerant place if world leaders were publicly gay and not just the closet cases which we know them all to be?

Obama's in twice - he's such a slut!

Hey, Sarkozy is a Lesbian! Well we kind of knew that didn't we? 

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"In the future, there won't be gay people or straight people, there will just be a bunch of wankers." - from Trainspotting (the movie because we haven't read the book)

"If gay and lesbian people are given civil rights, then everyone will want them!" - Anonymous