Thursday, April 5, 2012

War and Sex (as opposed to 'war on sex')

The male escort business was alive and thriving during the Napoleonic Wars. That is according to a website that explores the history of the escort business through the ages.

The Royal Navy in particular was hotbed of such activity; something probably only to be expected from an environment filled with seamen! It appears that while Britannia was ruling the waves, its decks was awash with demand for adult services of the type you might have thought you would only read about in the adult classifieds section of certain newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.

But really it is all just part of the logistics of war. Under the shroud of secrecy, conscious of the threat of heavy sanction, gay men - perhaps even heterosexual men denied an outlet for their natural sexual desires - somehow found the means to post their own adult personals, as a means to engage the companionship of those who were after all in the same boat.

For more on this fascinating and strange world visit - not that we necessarily endorse all that they are saying! Form your own conclusions.

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